“We don’t take photographs, we create them. “

Science + Art = Photography


Cameras are machines that we use to create art.  To be a great photographer you have to approach it from an engineering, emotional, a design perspective. At Burnseye Photography we believe in this ideology and strive to excel at all of them.  A great photo has the ability to communicate beyond the boundaries of language and time and bring people together.  Often the best photos are unplanned and you don’t have any second chances.


An accomplished photographer is an artist.  It’s essential to have a vision of your image beforehand and know what you are trying to communicate to the viewer. Knowing how light and color can create moods, how to draw the viewer into your subject, and how to be a storyteller all go into a image that preserves memories for a lifetime. We capture images that touch people emotionally and help them feel like they really experienced the moment they’re looking at in our photos.


We wouldn’t be able to produce the photos we do if we weren’t always practicing new techniques and honing our craft.  The world of photography is broad and ever changing, keeping up with new innovations and how to use them takes a team effort.  We have to learn about all the new tech available and master our equipment so when those once in a lifetime moments happen, we are prepared to capture each one in perfect clarity.


We go to absurd lengths to make sure you get the finest image quality, artistic vision, and the best experience possible.  If we have to drag 200lbs of equipment up a mountain or engineer a photo that has never been taken before, we are eager to meet the challenge and continue pushing the limits of what photography is.