“We don’t take photographs, we create them. “

Science + Art = Photography


Cameras are machines that we use to create art.  To be a great photographer you have to approach it from an engineering, emotional, a design perspective. At Burnseye Photography we believe in this ideology and strive to excel at all of them.  A great photo has the ability to communicate beyond the boundaries of language and time and bring people together.  Often the best photos are unplanned and you don’t have any second chances.


An accomplished photographer is an artist.  It’s essential to have a vision of your image beforehand and know what you are trying to communicate to the viewer. Knowing how light and color can create moods, how to draw the viewer into your subject, and how to be a storyteller all go into a image that preserves memories for a lifetime. We capture images that touch people emotionally and help them feel like they really experienced the moment they’re looking at in our photos.


We wouldn’t be able to produce the photos we do if we weren’t always practicing new techniques and honing our craft.  The world of photography is broad and ever changing, keeping up with new innovations and how to use them takes a team effort.  We have to learn about all the new tech available and master our equipment so when those once in a lifetime moments happen, we are prepared to capture each one in perfect clarity.


We go to absurd lengths to make sure you get the finest image quality, artistic vision, and the best experience possible.  If we have to drag 200lbs of equipment up a mountain or engineer a photo that has never been taken before, we are eager to meet the challenge and continue pushing the limits of what photography is. 

Stress Less with Burnseye

Your wedding day is the most important day of your lives and we know that.  People typically start experiencing stress months in advance and it continues to build as you approach your special day.  One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your photography, which is why we start planning months ahead of schedule.  We like to start with an in-person meeting, which we find are extremely valuable in helping us better understand who you are and how we can exceed your expectations.  We also have to find out things like who is most important to you, your style, how to get the shots you expect, and how to surprise you with stunning ones you didn’t.  We scout out venues and nearby locations, bring a mobile studio of lights and equipment, and always have a back up plan to ensure you get amazing quality photographs.  All of our preparation helps us not only do our job better but also results in less time you have to spend being photographed and more time with your friends and family.  We love as much time as we can get with our couples to make magical photos, but that’s not always a luxury during fast paced weddings. We specialize in capturing those beautiful memories without intruding on the moments you’ll share with your loved ones.


At Burnseye Photography we feel bonding with our clients before their wedding day is essential to creating a friendship far beyond the typical client / photographer relationship. Sitting down to share a coffee or a meal allows us to get to know one another on a personal level that will make our photos and videos much more natural looking because now it's for our friends. 

Wedding Season is Here!

As we move into February with these mild temperatures, Valentine's Day is sure to be extra romantic and boyfriends will be proposing. We are New Jersey's go to event photographers and videographers.  If you're planning on tying the knot this year, you'll want to book your photographer as soon as possible.  We at Burnseye offer the total package: DJ service, Photography, Videography, Photo booth, Ariel Photos, Prints, and the best customer service bar none.  Check out www.burnseyephotography.com or give us a call to set up a consultation or ask us a question, we'd be happy to help.

Tricky Lighting For Weddings

One of the biggest challenges a wedding photographer faces is difficult lighting in churches and receptions. Staying current with modern technology allows us to find better ways around this obstacle. Last year we invested in battery operated lighting that allows a portable studio to be everywhere we are. The quality of our photography has increased because of this, bringing smiles to the faces of those who hire us. 

The Photo Booth Rental Experience

Photo Booth rentals are a great way to liven-up the party or add some extra fun to an already good time.  Given how popular the selfie craze currently is, we know how much people want pictures of themselves, and the photo booth allows you to get the pictures you want without having to take them yourself.  Just hit the start button, get your props, strike a pose, be silly and have fun. Grab some friends, or some friendly strangers, and create memories that will make you smile for a lifetime.  Our smart photo booth is totally digital, all you need is a smart phone or computer to instantly get your photo strips.  Now you can easily, and instantly save and share your photo booth pictures to your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and mo

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